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Competence Development and Consultancy Services Future-proof your organization

– with access to expertise in digital learning

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Consultancy Support

We offer

  • Consultants in digital learning - from production support to strategic guidance.
  • Hour bank for quick access to experienced education producers.
  • Subscription agreements for regular needs of various or similar nature.

You get

  • The expertise in digital learning that your organization needs when you need it.
  • The ability to cost-effectively scale up and down your internal training production.
  • Guidance on strategies in digital learning.
  • Execution of, for example, pre-studies or analyses.
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We help you sharpen your organization's abilities to develop training concepts, manage new tools, or enhance your internal production of digital learning.

When you upskill or reskill your employees with us, you gain access to the most valuable asset we have - our expertise.

Our digital learning education offerings

  • Open courses.
  • Customized workshops.
  • Customized training programs for businesses.

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