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CUSTOMIZED DIGITAL PRODUCTION Tailored digital education for your specific needs

– your catapult to the future

Employee knowledge and skills are among the most valuable assets of an organization. At Lexicon Interactive, we create customized digital education, often in the form of e-learning, to help organizations develop their employees and ensure the organization's success. By producing engaging and effective digital learning, we address your competency needs.

In addition to a top-quality digital education solution, we can also promise you a reliable partner that makes it safe, easy, and enjoyable to develop digital education.

Three great things about customized digital education

Measurable results for the organization

Time and location-independent for the target audience

Engaging interactivity enhances learning

Jobbar på en laptop på ett fik

E-learning that makes a difference

Digital education produced by Lexicon Interactive is entirely tailored and customized to your specific needs. These educational programs are often utilized within an LMS (Learning Management System), which allows your organization to measure both completion rates and knowledge transfer related to the subjects covered in the training. The target audience for the education gains access to a learning experience that is independent of time and place, which they can engage with at their own convenience.

By working on needs analysis, knowledge objectives, and boundaries, we collaboratively develop the best digital solution with you. This will provide users with an effective and engaging educational experience, where interactivity enhances the learning process.


Skärmar visar teamsmöte och bakom står en fotograf och glad tjej

What you can achieve with digital education

  • Lower training costs.
  • Behavioral and attitude changes.
  • Motivated employees.
  • Quick implementation of new work processes.
  • Fewer incidents and higher regulatory compliance.
  • Efficient tracking of training efforts.
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Industry-leading provider

For over 15 years, Lexicon Interactive has been delivering customized digital education that makes a difference in people's everyday lives.

With well-established methods, processes, and tools, we guide the work through pedagogical complexities and technical challenges. With the trust of both private companies and public sector organizations, we understand what engages and develops people.


Some common subject areas for digital education include:

Ikon för Onboarding

Preboarding and Onboarding

Saves time on extensive orientation programs and ensures that nothing important is forgotten to be mentioned.

Provides newly arrived employees with an engaging and time-efficient introduction to their role, workplace, or organization.

Common topics include:

  • Introduction to specific roles.
  • Orientation for new hires.
  • Orientation for external consultants to the workplace.
Ikon för Compliance


In virtually all organizations, various types of regulations apply, ranging from certification commitments to actual laws and regulations.

Whether it's annual audits or one-time training, you can ensure that users possess the necessary knowledge.

Common topics include:

  • IT and information security.
  • Facility access training.
  • Financial regulations.
  • Policy and standards compliance.
Ikon för systemutbildning

System Training

Provides the right role with the right conditions to work with your systems and applications.

Users gain deeper knowledge through interactive simulations. The pure operation can be supplemented with an understanding of the whole, knowledge verification tests, and digital knowledge support.

Common topics include:

  • Case management systems.
  • Incident and deviation reporting.
  • Financial systems.
  • Application training.
Ikon för beteendeförändring

Behavioral Change

To make something happen differently, a behavioral change is often required.

Here, engaging digital education can be a crucial piece of the puzzle for all the times when the target audience needs to act differently than they do today.

Common topics include:

  • Sales.
  • Customer interaction and service.
  • New working methods and processes.

E-learning suits various situations

And enjoys good company. Here are some examples of when digital education is well-suited.

Ikon med medalj

Testing and Certification

Ensuring that employees actually possess the right knowledge is sometimes crucial for an organization.

Here, knowledge tests and certifications are useful tools. Together with you, we can construct questions and knowledge tests that are distributed in your existing systems or using the tools and systems we have to offer.

Ikon med videokamera

Standalone Film, Animation, or Podcast

Make the most of users' time and do only what's necessary.

Digital learning comes in many forms, and sometimes there's a need for a smaller, well-defined training effort. Whether it's 3D animation, simple storytelling, or on-location or studio film recording, we can assist you with the entire production.

Ikon för akademi

Components of an Academy

Academy, learning platform, or knowledge portal, a beloved child goes by many names. Regardless of what you call your hub for distributing education, we assist you in producing digital education for your users and target audiences - always with a focus and foundation on enhancing knowledge and competence.

Ikon med resväska

Blended Learning

Sometimes, more than just the purely digital format is needed to achieve the desired results. We have extensive experience in creating content and providing advice on the activities you need to undertake as a complement to your digital education. Efforts may be required both before and after training to achieve the desired impact. This could include activities like group discussions, classroom training, and coaching sessions. We assist you throughout the entire learning journey.

Lexicon Interactive tog tre priser i Swedish Learning Award

Lexicon Interactive wins three awards at the Swedish Learning Awards!

The Swedish Learning Awards is a competition designed to highlight the best learning and change initiatives in Sweden and drive the industry forward.

Alongside the Police Authority, the Armed Forces, and Svenska Spel, Lexicon Interactive has received awards for:

We at Lexicon Interactive are proud to win awards for educational initiatives with the Armed Forces for the third consecutive year. Now, we set our sights on new challenges and more victories.

Our Interactives team consists of specialists in digital education solutions and educational strategy. Together with our clients, we develop and empower each other for a safer society that evolves and grows.

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