Bring your trainings to life with Virtual Reality

Kurs gjord I Lectora visas i mobil och på dator

Professional simulations in your own hands

Do you want to create virtual simulations online? CenarioVR is an online authoring tool that makes creating Virtual Reality (VR) effortless. Teach practical skills safely and cost-effectively with interactive training in CenarioVR. With engaging interactions, users develop their practical knowledge in an exciting 360° virtual environment.

Lexicon Interactive is the Swedish partner of ELB Learning, which develops and owns CenarioVR.

Why CenarioVR?

Professional simulations without coding

With or without VR headset

Works with web, LMS, and authoring tools

Elev vid Lectora-utbildning

Why Virtual Reality (VR)?

Training with Virtual Reality gives your employees the opportunity to practice problem-solving skills, reactions, and muscle memory - even before they've started their new job. VR training is also much more cost-effective than physical training. But most importantly - a studie of PwC also shows that Virtual Reality provides significantly better learning compared to traditional training.

Glad projektledare för e-learning i rosa hår, står framför svartvit fototavla och håller i en mobil.

Smart features - ready to use

For creating interactive courses with VR, CenarioVR is one of the easiest tools to use. The tool is packed with useful features for creating learning experiences that capture and maintain user interest.

  • AI for automatic generation of environments
  • 3D objects
  • 360-degree view
  • xAPI tracking
  • Realistic sound.
Lectora producentstöd, samtal på takterass


  • CenarioVR authoring license.

XX SEK excluding VAT per month for an authoring license*.

*12-month subscription. Billed annually in advance.

Choose virtual training

  • More effective learning than traditional training.
  • Risk-free training in a realistic environment that prepares your employees for real-life situations.
  • Opportunity for cost-effectiveness, especially if the business currently incurs expenses for transporting employees to training locations or for expensive machinery.

Examples of use cases

  • Onboarding new employees or for new roles.
  • Safety: e.g., identifying and managing risks.
  • Threats and violence: e.g., managing threatening situations.
  • Healthcare: e.g., responding to strokes.
  • Construction industry: e.g., safety procedures on construction sites.
  • Transportation: e.g., simulating driving or traffic situations.

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