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That's how we work Lexicon Interactive and generativ AI

Generative AI has in a short time become something that pervades our work at various levels. This is how we work today.

In short, we use AI services as an extremely accessible colleague. We brainstorm ideas, generate images, rewrite texts, summarize and translate.

We use the tools to streamline our work and make what we produce better.

AI and texts Unlimited creative spreads

We write a lot of text. Much of what we do has its origins in text. Regardless of whether it is a script for a film, planning for a distance education or parts of an e-learning.

Here we usually use ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot to get suggestions for content, outline or tonality. When it comes to facts and pedagogy, however, it is more manual work. We want to be sure that what we say is correct and that it is as educational as it needs to be. We want the last word, so to speak.

AI and images Effective production of graphics

Images and illustrations generated by AI work best as they do not need to be so specific, in much the same way as the large image banks. If there are specific images of, for example, a person in a certain professional role, a situation at a workplace or the like, we still traditionally work with real photographs or illustrations produced by ourselves.

However, we can use AI to quickly and easily re-edit an image, remove a background or add an element.

AI and sound Flexibility and opportunities

In our industry, synthetic voices have long been an alternative to the studio-recorded voice. With AI-powered TTS (Text-to-speech) services, we've got another option. Here it is important to keep track of how what is to be said sounds when it is not said by a real person. An AI can easily stumble on abbreviations or have problems with professional jargon. If the AI service is given reasonable conditions, it is, however, a cost-effective alternative to the studio recording. However, we do not clone voices other than our own.

Lexicon Interactive och generativ AI - Illustration kugghjul i hjärna

Integrity and caution

In many cases, we work with content that is not our own but that of our customers. Here it is important for us to highlight that we never upload and process personal data or texts and images that may have sensitive content.

More AI from ELB

Our software provider ELB-learning has a page where they give an overview of how they offer AI services in their tools. There you can, among other things, read about generating 360 images in CenarioVR or generating an entire digital education.

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