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Practical Training Design & Production

Our online courses in 'Practical Training Design & Production' are designed to elevate you and your organization to new heights in digital learning. Learn how to use effective teaching methods, create content, and lead the development of digital learning!

If you aspire to deliver digital training that not only informs but transforms and has lasting effects, you're in the right place.

These courses are developed for those who want to create audience-specific, engaging, and effective digital training linked to business and performance goals. Regardless of your level of experience, they provide you with practical tools and methods to effectively achieve your organizational goals.

About Practical Training Design & Production

Learn to use effective teaching methods

Create strong concepts and training solutions

Connect training design to business and performance goals

Write engaging and effective scripts

Benefit from industry experts' best practices

Develop dynamic, interactive training

Current courses

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Effective Teaching Methods & Concepts for Digital Training

Learn to create strong training concepts that support business and performance goals through clear learning objectives, design structures, appropriate pedagogical teaching methods, and efficient content identification.

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Practical Project Management for Digital Learning

Learn about project phases, routines, and effective processes for successful project management and collaboration in digital education development. By the end of the course, you will have created your own project plan for an educational project.

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Script Production for Digital Learning

Learn to create engaging and effective scripts for digital education.

You will work with proven processes, templates, and layouts as a starting point. During the course, you will step by step create a script based on business and performance goals, audience analysis, learning objectives, and pedagogical methods for effective learning.

Upcoming courses

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Preliminary Study and Analysis for the Development of Digital Education

Build a strong foundation for your training. Learn to conduct thorough analyses and work with preliminary studies to design training that is tailored to the actual needs of the target audience.

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Production in Authoring Tools

Bring your training ideas to life. Gain practical experience using authoring tools to create dynamic and interactive e-learning productions. Practical exercises are combined with interaction design and in-depth discussions on how to build an exercise in different ways for various target audiences, learning objectives, and needs.

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Media Capture and Media Production for Digital Learning

Learn to produce and integrate media such as video, audio, and graphics to enhance the learning experience and outcomes. You will work with various media formats and discover strategies for when each format is best suited from both an economic and learning perspective.

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Accessibility for Digital Learning

Meet accessibility requirements and create inclusive training for everyone. Understand the principles of universal design, accessibility, and the Swedish Discrimination Act (DOS-law), as well as practical application of these to ensure that your training reaches and benefits all participants.

About Lexicon Interactive

Lexicon Interactive is a specialist in digital learning that makes a difference and delivers tangible results.

We are a subsidiary within the Lexicon Group, which is Sweden's largest provider of skills development for companies, offering a wide range of both instructor-led and digital training at around 30 locations across the country.

Kursledare Sara Nyström

Sara Nyström, Digital Learning Specialist

Sara has been working in instructional design and teaching throughout her career, with a special interest in practical pedagogy.

"How to make others learn in various ways. Always with the goal of creating the very best conditions for lasting learning, regardless of the target audience, subject, platform, or other constraints. There is always room for adaptation, adjustments, and improvement, as long as the goal is clear."

Over the past 2 years, Sara has worked as the head teacher and program manager for Lexicon's 1-year vocational education program, "Digital Learning Producer." It is from there that we have drawn the most effective and successful approaches for these courses.

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