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A powerful authoring tool for e-learning

Lectora is the ultimate tool for producing professional digital education - regardless of the target audience. No other tool can match Lectora's level of interactivity - in Lectora, all video-based, scenario-based, or responsive learning needs come to life.

Lexicon Interactive is the Swedish partner of ELB Learning, which develops and owns Lectora.

Why Lectora?

Comprehensive world-class authoring tool

Market-leading in accessibility


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Prepped with smart features

Lectora is the perfect choice for those who want to efficiently produce high-quality digital education.

  • AI Course Wizard for automated production.
  • Built-in asset library with videos, images, templates, games, and much more.
  • Platform for smooth course feedback management.
  • Prepared interactive elements.
  • Responsive design that works on all devices.
  • Virtual scenarios.
  • Compatible with Virtual Reality.
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Lectora Gold Suite

  • Lectora Online and Lectora Desktop.

  • Asset Library - access library with templates and objects.

  • ReviewLink - platform for feedback management.

XX SEK excluding VAT per month for an authoring license*.

*12-month subscription. Billed annually in advance.


Lectora Additional Services

Lectora Mallpaket i mobilen

Template Packages

With branded template packages, it becomes even easier to efficiently start one or more parallel projects. All you need to do is copy text, images, or videos onto each page - and there you go, you're done!

Lectora producentstöd, producent vid datorn

Production Support

Need support in the production of your web-based training? With our production support, you gain access to our top developers for quick assistance when you need it.

Elev vid Lectora-utbildning

Training in Lectora

Are you planning to acquire Lectora as an authoring tool? Or have you been working with Lectora for a while and want to elevate your production to the next level? We offer both basic and advanced training to ensure that you are using Lectora correctly, intelligently, and efficiently.

Lectora provides you with the most complete solution on the market for all your web-based training production needs.

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You can also contact us using the form below or order Lectora directly here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have compiled common questions we receive regarding Lectora subscriptions.

Do you already have Lectora?

We have compiled common support questions on a separate page:

Lectora support questions

Lectora is an e-learning authoring tool that helps your organization create interactive digital education.

Lectora comes in two versions: Lectora Desktop for local installation on Windows computers and Lectora Online, which is a cloud-based service that runs directly in a web browser.

Both versions work in the same way; you build web-based training in a structure of chapters, sections, and pages. A course can contain a variety of objects, such as text, images, buttons, audio, video, animations, and interactions.

Most file formats commonly used on the web can be handled by Lectora. Additionally, there are built-in conversion functions that can, for example, convert images to .jpg format and videos to .mp4 format.

With Lectora, your organization gains access to a creative toolbox with nearly limitless possibilities, such as creating interactions triggered by clicks, views, time settings, conditional logic, to name a few. You can show or hide objects, start, stop, or move them in a way that suits your production.

If you have technical expertise, you can also use .css or JavaScript to take your production to new heights. Let your imagination flow and create an engaging and interactive experience for your users!

Yes, Lectora can be integrated with various platforms, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), cloud services, and websites.

No, no specific prerequisites are needed other than basic computer skills. Users do not need to know programming, for example.

Yes, Lectora can be used to create courses in different languages. Lectora includes a translation tool that facilitates the translation of text into other languages.

To place an order, you can use our order form. After ordering, your subscriptions will be sent by ELB Learning within 2-4 business days and need to be activated by you within 72 hours.

Order Lectora via our form

Did you miss the activation?

Contact and request a new login.

Yes, we can assist you with the entire production process or specific parts of it. We can also provide practical support to help you progress in your production.

Production Support

We are happy to assist you and have developed a solution specifically for this purpose. Through the Production Support service, you gain access to our top developers who will answer your questions and help you overcome the challenges you encounter in the production of digital education.

Production Support

There are many ways to be efficient in your work in Lectora. The first and best tip is to start with a template package that includes the most common page types.

Other ways include working according to a clear process.

Contact us if you need advice on how to efficiently create digital education that makes a difference.

Our offer of customized template packages

Contact us via phone, email, or our form.

We appreciate Lectora and see many benefits of the tool. To keep it concise, here are three advantages:

  • Flexibility. You can create interactive courses that look great on both mobile phones and computers, regardless of screen size. You also have full control over the user experience on each device.

  • Scalability. The tool can grow with your needs, allowing you to utilize more advanced features as you become more proficient with it.

  • Accessibility. With Lectora, you can produce courses that meet WCAG 2.1 AA and the European standard EN 301 549 accessibility requirements, which are necessary for digital public services.

There are several ways to enhance your expertise in Lectora:

User support from ELB Learning is included in the license cost.

Support from ELB Learning

Lectora Online allows multiple users on the same license simultaneously but has limited capabilities in handling large files and limited functionality compared to Desktop.

Lectora Desktop offers significantly more features and enhanced functionality, as well as a smoother way to handle large files. Contact us if you need assistance in making a choice.

Yes, Lectora offers the ability to work with different device layouts and make course content adapt to various screen sizes and devices through responsive design.

Lectora is prepared to produce content that complies with WCAG 2.1 AA and the European standard EN 301 549, which are accessibility requirements for digital public services.

Contact us at if you want advice on creating digitally accessible courses.

We have extensive experience working with Lectora and have accumulated many lessons over the years, developing best practices. We are happy to help you get started and establish an effective workflow based on your specific needs through consultation or tailored training efforts.

Feel free to reach out with your inquiries today!

Contact us via phone, email, or our form

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