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Lectora Support questions

Common questions and answers that may be helpful for those who already have Lectora.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your IT department may need information such as an application description and installation instructions to install Lectora on your computer. You can find information on the ELB Learning Knowledge Base or contact

ELB Learning Knowledge Base

Once you have access to your Lectora subscription, you will be directed to your Lectora Account Portal. In this guide, you will find all the information you need regarding your subscription.

Account Portal Guide (PDF 3.5 MB)

For technical questions or problems related to installation or the software itself, please contact Lectora Support at ELB Learning,

You can also find answers to the most common questions on the ELB Learning Knowledge Base.

As an active user, you have access to the ELB Learning Account Portal, where you can manage your organization's licenses. If you have additional questions, you can reach the Lectora support team at

For other types of questions, please feel free to contact us at

ELB Learning Account Portal

Information about your licenses can be found on the ELB Learning Account Portal.

ELB Learning Account Portal

You manage your licenses on the ELB Learning Account Portal.

ELB Learning Account Portal

For Lectora 19 and earlier versions, license keys were used. These license keys could allow for multiple installations depending on what was ordered. Not every installation necessarily had its own unique license key.

Since Lectora 21, Lectora is sold as a subscription service, and access to the software is controlled with usernames and passwords, similar to the management of services like Microsoft 365 and Adobe ID.

All user accounts are managed from the ELB Learning Account Portal.

ELB Learning Account Portal