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Template Packages

Simplified production with ready-made pages.

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Efficient work with template packages

We've taken 15 years of experience and several hundred development hours and packed them into what we call a template package. The focus is always on pedagogy, user-friendliness, accessibility, and interactivity.

A template package for authoring tools is an unbeatable tool when designing and producing e-learning. It consists of more than 40 designed and tested page types ready to be filled with content. Together with you, we customize the template package to match your graphic profile and visual identity.

To meet different needs, we have developed the template package in two versions. Both are equally effective for learning and the user. The difference lies in the requirements placed on the person producing the training.

Template Package Basic

Become a producer without expert knowledge. A simpler template package for those who don't work extensively with e-learning production. We hold back on the most advanced features but instead offer a template package where you can quickly get started and work.

Template Package Pro

More features and higher demands on the producer. If you often work with producing e-learning, this is your template package. We have built in many features and customization options. You can quickly and efficiently create training, but it requires a higher level of competence from you as a producer.

Of course, both template packages are designed to work well whether the user has a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Lectora mallpaket mobil vy
Advantages of our template packages

Pleasant learning for users

Users have a consistent experience across all productions. They recognize it and find it easier to absorb the content when they don't have to focus on how the training works.

Accessibility, user experience, and functionality are tested to work for the user. The training will behave as expected, and learning becomes efficient.

Pedagogical boost for the organization

You can enhance your pedagogical capability by combining different page types to create educational and effective training.

You have a shorter path from needs to completed training. The template packages are quality-tested in terms of user experience, technology, and accessibility.

All training opportunities have the potential to have the same visual identity. With a customized interface, you follow your graphic profile and nurture the brand.

Lectora mallpaket gränssnittsvy

Efficient training production

The template package allows you to spend more time on content and less time figuring out how to present it.

As a producer, you can, if you want, spend time creating custom exercises for a specific purpose instead of reinventing the wheel over and over.

The content creator can quickly see which components are possible to use and can develop material that easily fits into the templates.

Some specifications

Responsive design with five different breakpoints

Works in most Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Can be delivered for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or xAPI, among others

Based on the HTML5 standard

Based on the HTML5 standard

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