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Lexicon 365

User Support for ongoing skills development

Do you need to increase efficiency through continuous skills development in Microsoft 365 – and is it time to get the entire organization on board with digitalization? With Lexicon 365, you not only get a training portal but also support that's available where your employees need it most – in their daily work. The service offers a generous selection of training in various formats that are continuously updated. It's quick, easy, and easily accessible with access directly from the Microsoft 365 homepage!

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Training for various needs and skill levels

At Lexicon Interactive, we understand that behavioral change is a time-consuming process that requires continuous support and information. We also know that accessibility and simplicity make learning more efficient and profitable. That's why we've created Lexicon 365 – offering both training and user support for the programs and apps included in Microsoft 365.

Lexicon 365 provides various forms of training, giving all users the opportunity to work efficiently, receive support, and enhance their skills with their most frequently used tools. It's perfect for implementing Microsoft 365 or when you want to streamline your organization's daily communication, collaboration, and learning.

About Lexicon 365

User Support in Microsoft Apps for Daily Use

Quality assured by subject matter experts

Works on mobile, tablet, and computer

Educational instructional videos

Practical exercises


Digital user manuals


Knowledge tests

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Always updated and current content

The training content in Lexicon 365 is updated as Microsoft changes its products, ensuring that you always utilize the tools optimally. If you also need user support for Microsoft 365, we naturally have a solution for that as well.

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What does it cost?

Pricing is based on the number of users in intervals. The price includes ongoing content updates to keep up with Microsoft's updates.

Price examples:

  • 100 users: 22 SEK/user per month
  • 500 users: 17 SEK/user per month
  • 1000 users: 14 SEK/user per month


"Organizations that provide their employees with continuous, up-to-date, and easily accessible support will have a significant advantage in the ever-evolving process of digitalization."

Martina Thomas, Customer Relations Manager, Lexicon Interactive

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